Superior Engineering, User Friendly, Easy Maintenance & Attractive Design!

AquaClean® is an affordable, practical and feature rich closed loop boat wash recycling system that collects and cleans contaminated water from your wash pad. This water typically contains high concentrations of algae, marine organics, biologicals, solids, sand, bottom paint chips, paint particles and some trace petroleum hydrocarbons. The AquaClean® systems are engineered and designed specifically for recycling marine boat wash runoff water. AquaClean is the industry leader with practical and cost efficient options for recycling marina wastewater for any size boat pressure washing operation.
  • Be An Eco-Friendly Green Marina
  • Small, Moderate & Large Boat Systems
  • Logical, Simple & Easy To Maintain.
  • Eliminate Boatwash Pollutants

What It Does

The AquaClean® filtration scheme is a proven and logical step down filtration process that captures the solids where needed and uses a medium (depth filters) to easily remove the contaminants. The AquaClean® also features a multiple oxidation process, using UV and Bromine treatments to eliminate organics and assist in removing trace metals and oil. AquaClean® recycled water is clean and odor free.

Proven Technology, Solid Value

The AquaClean ® Recycling concept is to capture heavy solids on the pad, capture heavy materials in a dedicated settling tank. It captures the finer (100 micron) materials in the entry filters before they pass on to the dedicated storage tank, and (10 micron) materials in the recirculation filter. AquaClean® then eliminates trace metals and oils in the mediums filter outside the tank in route to the spray equipment.

A System For Every Application

We understand that the recycling needs of a dry storage marina are different from that of a working boatyard or full service marina operation. We know that an inland marina may be more concerned with algae on the boat, while a coastal facility may be dealing with heavy barnacles. We will work with you so that your AquaClean® recycling system will meet your specific needs and goals both now and in the future.

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