The Seasonal Boat Washing Solution

This is the perfect solution for low volume, seasonal haul-out operations and wash operations that use one pressure washer. The AquaClean Haul-out Reclaim System. A self contained closed loop wash water recycling system that is easy to install, simple to operate, and economical to maintain. The Aqua Clean filtration scheme is a proven and logical step down filtration process that captures the solids where needed and uses a medium (depth filters) to easily remove the contaminants. The AquaClean also features a multiple oxidation processes.
  • Be An Eco-Friendly Green Marina
  • Low Volume Boat Wash Operations
  • Seasonal Small Boat Wash Operations
  • Perfect For 1 or 2 Pressure Washers
  • Logical, Simple & Easy To Maintain.
  • Eliminate Boatwash Pollutants
  • 15 Gallons Per Minute
  • Ultra Violet Treatment
  • Bromine Treatment