Marina Solutions

EMP Industries, Inc. offers a variety of green, Eco-friendly products for your marina, dock, covered moorage or waterfront service facilities. From our state of the art pumpout and central vacuum systems to the reliable AquaClean boat wash water recycling products or our pumpwatcher remote monitoring device. With EMP Industries and the CVA Grant program buying green technology for your marina has never been easier!

With the increasing number of boats using our waterways, pump out service is no longer considered a convenience rather its become a necessary customer service. Boat owners and marina owners trust EMP Industries, Inc. and its SaniSailor pumps and pump out systems because they are clean, quiet, odorless, efficient and easy to use. Our Gold Seal Peristaltic Pumps and Pumpout Systems replace outdated rotary and diaphragm pumps that are inefficient, difficult to prime and jam easily.

Stay ahead of soon to come federal and state compliance regulations and turn your boat wash water runoff into an ecologically clean marina. Recover, treat and recycle the waste water generated by your pressure washer.  EMP Industries AquaClean products offer a complete line of water treatment solutions from a seasonal boat washing operation all the way up to full time, high traffic marinas and boatyard operations.

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