Pump It Out and don’t dump it! If your bloated holding tank is screaming in agony then its times like this that having a Pumpout Service as easily as having chinese food delivered is a real convenience . The Clean Vessel Act that was reauthorized in 1998 mandating waste pumpout facilities for boaters available in many areas, usually for free.
What do you do if you can’t find one? Check the local waterway guides, the marinas you will be visiting, or call the local Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and find out where pumpout services are available. There is also a website, cleanmarinas.com which lists marinas around the country that are designated “clean marinas”. Most marina’s providing pump out services designate it with a distinctive pumpout graphic.  Boats can pull up to the dock and pump out their holding tank by using a hose.  Remember to be a responsible boater and don’t dump it rather, pump it out!

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