Best Pumpout System for Marinas

We often get asked what is the best pumpout system for marinas?  And how should I set up my pumpout system?

One of the most important things you should do before choosing a pumpout system and configuration for you is to answer a few questions.

1.  How do you plan to use the system and how often?  This will help determine if you should have a central vacuum system with hydrants, a portable hose reel, or dockside pumpouts.

2.  How large is your marina?  The larger the marina the more you have to consider your plumbing and suction.  Shorter pipe runs mean quicker pump outs.  With larger marinas, it is sometimes necessary to install more than one pump out system.

3.  What are your piping materials made of?  What do you want your piping materials to be made of?  This will help determine the best accessories.

4.  Where will your pumpout system be?  The closer the better.  If it is further away or uphill, you have to have a system that can pump vertically.

5.  Who will handle the pumpouts?  Will you have a professional dockmaster that is experienced with pumpout systems or will you have captains that pumpout every once in a while?  You need to make sure the sophistication level matches the user.

6.  What special options do you want?  Do you want a vortex hose reel?  Do you want RF remote control, hand held or cart mounted, stanchions with low voltage push buttons, key locks, token acceptor (so you can charge per pumpout), etc?  All of these options can help you tailor a solution just for you!