The series M range of peristaltic pumps are the solution to many fluid transfer problems. The versatility of the series M has been proven over a broad span of industries and applications including tank cleaning, water/waste treatment, construction, fire authorities, marine and other transport, brewing, food and chemical processing. The series M range of peristaltic pumps can be supplied with either fixed or variable speed drives. In addition to electric motor drives, hydraulic, pneumatic, petrol or diesel driven units are also available.

The series M range of pumps offer a practical alternative to the usual large heavy construction of the standard peristaltic type pump. Whilst maintaining the benefits of the peristaltic pumping action, the series M is compact, lightweight and easily portable. Under normal operation a vacuum is generated within the pump housing, this continuously restores the hose to its full cross section enabling the use of thin wall hoses, whilst maintaining flow rates as high as 20 m3/h. The series M peristaltic pump is ideal for handling difficult media such as liquid/gas mixtures, abrasives, fibrous materials and suspended solids. The pumps are self priming and have a suction lift capability of up to 9 m.

EMP Industries peristaltic pump experience covers a wide span of both industries and applications. This, combined with state-of-the-art engineering techniques, forms the basis of the series M development. Advanced production methods and stringent quality control underpin EMP’s leadership in this field of positive pumping.

Pump housings are manufactured from cast aluminum. The NW50 (2‚ÄĚ) KL camlock quick coupling suction and discharge connections are available in either stainless steel or polypropylene. Elastomers The extensive range of hose materials available means that almost all fluid media can be handled, including acids and other corrosive products. For specific material availability‚Äôs see page 2.

Pressure Rating

The series M range of pumps are rated to a maximum discharge pressure of 2 bar. Drive Options Dependent on pump model the following drive options are available: electric motor, diesel engine, petrol engine, hydraulic motor, water turbine and pneumatic motor.

Pumping Principle
The M series peristaltic pump has a unique principle of operation. The rotor turns within the separator belt which creates a seal between the suction chamber and the remainder of the pump housing. As the rotor turns it reduces the volume of the suction chamber forcing air out of this chamber through a channel to a non return valve located on the pump front cover. As the rotor continues to turn the volume of the suction chamber is enlarged causing a partial vacuum to be created. This vacuum causes the hose to expand to its full cross sectional area pulling media into the pump.

The volume of chamber remains constant, whilst the volume of chamber is reduced as the rotor turns thus forcing the pumped media out of the pump through the discharge connection. The pressure gauge located on the pump front cover indicates the level of vacuum that is being achieved, this serves as an indicator as to the correct operation of the pump.

A full range of accessories is available for the M series peristaltic pump. For full details please contact EMP Industries, Inc by calling (800) 355-7867 or clicking HERE.

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