The First Variable Position Pumpout Hose Reel

The EMP Vortex Hose Reel® allows the user to pull off or unwind only the amount of hose needed to perform a pump out. When the Hose reel is flipped to the pumping position or horizontal the vacuum increases to maximum almost instantly.
  • Be An Eco-Friendly Green Marina
  • Small, Moderate & Large Boat Systems
  • Logical, Simple & Easy To Maintain.
  • Eliminate Boatwash Pollutants

Faster, Less Labor!

Since you don’t have to unwind “30, 50, 100 feet” of hose when you only need 15 feet of hose and rewind it again each time you do a pump out.

Less Maintenance

Due to less working load on the pump since the total lift distance is less because the patented solution with a horizontal pump reel.

Less Wear & Tear

On your suction hoses from always dragging around on concrete or
wood docks